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Sar Industries was established in the year of 2001 & officially registered in year of 2011. Its main cause for the establishment was to provide technical support for Woven Sacks Industry to achieve up-gradation.

In A Very Short Span Of Period The Company Has Proved Its Presence As A Leading Manufacturer Assuring Quality And Performance. In The Past Couple Of Years, We Have Been Working With Number Of Companies In India With A Highly Skilled Professional Team To Provide Good Products Efficiently.
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Products & Updates

Flexographic Printing & Cutting Machine

The provision of mechanical clutches on both sides of spindles help to ensure holding the heavy roll without tilting or falling dawn during the operation and also easy to change the fabric rolls.

Semi Automatic Hydraulic Bale Press

These presses are most suitable for very compact baling of HDPE, PP-Woven Sacks Bags. Compact bales of bags made to facilitate save transportation cost, time & storage space..

Hydraulic Cheese Pipe Straighter

This innovative product will certainly give you relief from a terrific problem of bend and disturbed cheese pipes. It corrects the inner dia. of your disturbed cheese pipe and you can Re-Use it..

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