Technical Specifications Of Our Products





  1. Flat Belt In Main Motor
  2. Barrel Insulation
  3. Gas Fire Burner In Barrel
  4. Die Insulation High
  5. Pressure Water Suction Blower
  6. High Pressure Cutter Blower
  7. Power Saving Suction Chamber & Blower
  8. Gas Fire Burner In Hot Air Oven
  9. Variable Frequency Drive In Cheese Winder
  10. Loom Pulley In Looms
  11. Conversion Kit In Looms
  1. Flat Belt In Main Motor
  2. Gear Box Cooling System
  3. Barrier Screw
  4. Godet Extension
  5. On Line Screen Changer
  6. Six Station Cutter
  7. High Speed Pulley In Holding, Stretching & Annealing Unit
  8. VFD In Cheese Winder
  9. Looms Pulley & Conversion Kit (Bearing Block Kit)
  10. Automatic Cutting & Printing Machine
  11. Automatic High Speed Cutting Machine
  1. Use Of Proper Filler (Master Batch)
  2. Use Of Proper Raw Material Mixing (Mixing Machine)
  3. Die Lip Adjustment
  4. Maintenance & Proper Grinding In Pressure Rollers
  5. Use Of Proper Spare Parts
  6. Proper Maintenance
  7. Style Of Working


1. Manual Printing Machine

Flexographic Manual Printing Machine
printing Flexographic printing machine fabricated of Cast Iron, suitable for HDPE / PP woven sacks having
  Printing Area
Maximum Bag Passing Width
: 1143 mm X 711 mm
: 813 mm
: 2000 – 2500 BPH

Comprising of:

  1. Electric Motor: 1hp/2hp/3hp / 1440 rpm 3 phase / 50 cycle coupled with reduction gear V-belt pulleys, chain wheels, chain tightening device, chain cover, gear wheels (hov cut) and covered,
  2. Separate chambers with cover for different colors, C.I. side bracket, bearing housing with heavy duty ball bearings to hold main drum duly grinded and hard chrome,
  3. Eccentric bearing housing with self aligned bearings to hold two neoprene coated M.S. Shells for transferring color to stereo, with color tray & cover,
  4. Guide rolls made of seamless pipe duly turned. Roll beneath the main drum fitted with pressure releasing system and operational from feeding end,
  5. Gears made of cast iron except that of mild steel for driving main drum and are hov cut,
  6. Conveyor belts of rubber coated endless to carry printed bags from one end to the other with belt tightening arrangement,
  7. Front platform with laminated sheet complete with margin setter &
  8. One ON / OFF Switch and a set of spanner.
Note: - Rubber Stereo shall be of 4- 6 mm thick.

Technical Specifications:

Sl. No: Particular One Color Two Color Three Color Four Color
1. Length(mm) 2743 3658 4572 5486
2. Width(mm) 1219 1219 1219 1219
3. Height(mm) 1524 1524 1524 1524
4. Roller Dia(mm) 457 457 457 457
5. Roller length(mm) 770 770 770 770
6. Rubber Belt Size(mm)
Type: 3 Ply
3048X711 3759X711 7010X711 9652X711
7. Electric Motor
(3 ph./ 50 cycle)
1hp/1440 rpm 2 hp/1440 rpm 2 hp/1440 rpm 3hp/1440 rpm
8. Gear Ratio 20 : 1 20 : 1 20 : 1 20 : 1
9. Speed : BPH 2000 – 2500 2000 – 2500 2000 – 2500 2000 – 2500

2. Semi Automated Hydraulic Bale Press

These presses are most suitable for very compact baling of HDPE, PP-Woven Sacks Bags. Compact bales of bags made to facilitate save transportation cost, time & storage space
bale pres

Salient Features:

  1. Four open guide pillars + four guide rode for support of moving platen resulting in perfect alignment and safety of the hydraulic seals.
  2. Hydraulic double acting cylinder.
  3. Slits on both axes provided for the perfect bale strapping.
  4. The moving Platens can be stopped by means of height adjustable limit switches on both sides, i.e. upwards & downwards
  5. Pressure relief valve is providing for overpressure safety.
  6. Available in a wide range of platform sizes, height & tonnage.
  7. Warranty against proper usage on all machine parts for 1 year from the date of delivery.

Technical specification:

  1. Main motors of ISI Make New India / New Bharat.
  2. Hydraulic geared pump- “DOWTY” (Low pressure) / “Danfoss (Imported)” / MICA (High pressure) make.
  3. Pressure relief valve “POLYHYDRON” make.
  4. Solenoid operated direction control valve “UKEN” / “ Rexroth” make.
  5. Pressure gauge 0 – 250 bar / 0-400 bar “WIKA” make
  6. Hydraulic seals are made of Technolan (Italy) / Merkel (Germany).


Capacity (Ton.) 15 20 40 60 120 (For F.I.B.C)
Platen Size (mm) 1400 X 800 1400 X 800 1400 X 800 1400 X 800 1400 X 800
Pressure (Kg/Cm2) 140 160 175 180 200
Mini. Bale Height (mm) 100 100 100 200 400
Electric Motor (HP) 5 7.5 10 12.5 20
Day Light Gap (mm) 1020 1020 1300 1800 2000
Oil Required - Min. (ltr) 70 100 140 250 350
Over All Dimension(L X B X H) mm 1500 X 1200 X 2600 1500 X 1200 X 2600 1850 X 1100 X 3850 1500 X 1200 X 4600 1500 X 1200 X 4850

3.Hydraulic Cheese Pipe Straighter

This innovative product will certainly give you relief from a terrific problem of bend and disturbed cheese pipes. It corrects the inner dia. of your disturbed cheese pipe and you can Re-Use it.
It takes just 1/3 minute to correct one cheese pipe.

Technical Specifications

No. Of cylinders : 1 no. main cylinder
Working pressure : 50 kg / cm2
Stroke : 300 mm
Approach speed : 17 mm / sec.
Return speed : 26-mm/ sec.
Appr. Time for 300 mm travel : 18 sec.
Electric motor : 0.75 k.w. /1 hp
Oil Reservoir : 30 Liters
Oil Required : 27 Liters [Enclo-68 / Harmony-68]
Operation : By lever operated valve (Polyhydrone)
Pump : Dowty. / Rexworth
Cylinder seals : Techlon ( Italy ) / Markel ( Germany )

4. On-Line Flexographic Printing Cutting Machine

   Flexographic Printing & Cutting Machine Consists of:
1. Model : SEC 30
2. Max. Print Width (Mm) : 750
3. No. Of  Colour : 4
4. Max. Printing Speed. Mtrs./Min. : 80
5. Main Motor (KW) : 5.6
6. Print Drying : Hot Air Drying system or Infra Red Lamp
7. Safety Chuck for Un-Winder Unit : Provided
8. Pneumatic Manual Brake : Provided
9. Corona Treater : Optional
10. Cutting Type : Laminated & Un laminated
11. Total Connected Load : 23 KW
12. Dimensions Mtrs (L X W X H) : 12.5 x 4.5 x 2.8
13. Pneumo Hydraulic Web Guide System : Provided
14. Digital Center Guide System : Optional
15. Auto Tension Control : Optional
16. Micro Perforator : Optional
17. Gusseting Device : Optional
18. Surface Winder : Optional

Product Specification


Printing Width
Printing Speed
Cutting Length
Printing Possibilities
: 300mm to 750mm
: 80 M/min.
: 508mm to 1100mm
: +0,2+2,3+1
: ±30 mm
Total Connected Load
Total Running Load
Operator Side
Drive Side
Electrical Supply
: Sturdy structured fabricated from C.I.
: 23 KW
: 14~15 KW
: 100 micron to 350 micron
: Right Hand
: Left Hand
:3-phase, 415 +/- 5% V, 50 Hz

Un-Winder Unit:

The provision of mechanical clutches on both sides of spindles help to ensure holding the heavy roll without tilting or falling dawn during the operation and also easy to change the fabric rolls. The system provides two fabric rolls each having 1000mm dia. and this will help to reduce the operational cost as there is no need for switching off the plant for changing the fabric roll. The Linear bearings (4-Pairs) provided holds the entire un-winder frame and helps to move side wise very smoothly and allow the fabric is delivered accurately to the printer.


Reel Diameter
Reel Weight
Safety Clutch
Pneumatic Manual Brake
Nip station actuated by pneumatic cylinder
Linear bearing
Hard Chrome rolls: up to 1000 mm
: 1000 Kg. [500 X 2 Nos. Reel]
: 2 Pair
: 2 Nos
: 1 No
: 4 Pair
: 6 Nos

Un-Winder consists of:

Pneumo Hydraulic Web Guide System Un-Winder consists of Pneumo Hydraulic Center Guide System for preventing uneven printing.

Un-wind Components:

Pneumatic sensor for edge (Poly in case of laminated fabric) sensing
Power Pack with 0.5 HP 3 Phase AC motor
Hydraulic Cylinder, Dia. 50 mm X 250 mm Stroke
: 2 Nos.
: 1 Nos.
: 1 Nos.

Sensor Guiding Frame:

Sensor Guiding Frame                                  1 Nos.
Rope type mechanism for movement of sensor

Digital Center Guide System [Optional]

The objective of above system is to have printing in center of the fabric irrespective of width variation in fabric. The system gives you more effective performance in case of Laminated Fabric. In case of laminated fabric the edge of the laminated poly is always uneven. (Variation with respect to fabric edge) In this case if we take the reference of poly edge it will give uneven printing. We have specialized fabric sensor, which will sense the edge of fabric irrespective of poly variation and guide the material in reference of fabric edge.

Moving Sensor Center Guide System

Center Guide System keeps the centerline of the web in exact position irrespective of any width variation. This system will guide your fabric with respect to center in reference of fabric edge.
It consists of:
Opto. Electronic Sensors - 2 Nos.
This is a versatile technology. It can be used as Center Guide & Edge Guide also. In case of laminated fabric it can sense edge of the fabric not the edge of poly. In case of Un-laminated it will sense edge of the fabric. Suppose we are printing a 24” Laminated fabric. Irrespective of poly width out side the fabric edge both the sensor will sense the edge of fabric. The system will keep the center in exact position at 12”. Now whenever any width variation comes in the fabric the sensor will move automatically inside or outside & keep the center of the fabric. This will give the Printing with respect to center of the fabric.


  1. Magnetic powder brake mounting facility
  2. Load Cell mounting facility on guide roll
  3. Manual Brake as a spare on both the shaft


In Future any time you can change this system with Digital Centre Guiding System & Automatic Tension Control, which is optional.

Automatic Tension Control System: [Optional]

Basically Load Cells are tension transducers for use to measure the web tensions. Signal from load cells can be used to indicate web tension and for closed loop control.

General Description:

Load Cells consist of a special design structure to get extreme linearity and excellent repeatability under all loading condition. Sensing elements of load cells are of strain gauge type configured to form a four-arm Whetstone Bridge.

The Main Features Of the Magnetic Particle Devices Are Listed Below:

  1. Develops smooth, accurate and infinitely variable torque.
  2. Maintains the set torque independent of slip speed.
  3. Simple operating principle and construction ensure a long trouble free operation. No friction elements to cause wear and tear.
  4. Low device inertia to output torque ratio resulting in excellent dynamic response and ultra fast operation.
  5. Heavy-duty construction to withstand serves shock loading without distortion.
  6. Silent and Maintenance free.

Tension Control System Consists Of:

  1. Auto tension control system with manual changeover feature for two stationary Un-Winder.
  2. Magnetic particle brake rated 20 Kg, self-cooled, foot mounted with proximity switch.
  3. Load Cells rated 75 Kg., Foot mounted with 8 meter inter connecting cable and suitable Connector.
  4. AT-23 series tension controller having in-built F/V based auto changeover circuit and free Wheeling diodes with power On/Off switch.
  5. ½ digit LED display for tension indication.
  6. 5 Kilo Ohms / 10 Ton pots for Automatic / Manual and Null tension setting.
  7. New roll push button.
  8. Automatic / Manual mode selector switch.
  9. Brake-1 / Brake-2 selector switch for manual changeover.
  10. 0-100% analog excitation meters.
: 2 Nos.
: 2 Nos.
: 2 Nos.
: 1 Nos.
: 3 Nos.

Printing Station

Machine can print four colours at a time. Four printing station consists of:

  1. High Quality Anilox Roller
  2. Stereo Drum
  3. Impression Roller
  4. Pinch Roller
  5. Ink Tray
  6. Ink Rubber Roller


Machine Width
Printing Width
Printing Speed .
Printing Possibilities

: 800 mm
: 300mm to 750 mm
: 80 M / min
: 4+0, 2+2, 3+1


Stereo thickness should be uniform size all over.

Salient Features:

  1. For better and briskly print drying on fabric, we provide hot air blowers or Infra Red Light.
  2. The helical gear driven rollers have high power transmission capability and quick roll change.
  3. Ink Pump for circulation of ink [Optional]

Gusseting Unit: [Optional]

Gusseting arrangement has been installed horizontally Nip Roller Unit - 1 No Gusseting unit fitted with necessary as well as adjustable guide rolls. All Gusseting wheels are spring loaded for automatic adjustment of gusset according to variation in fabric width. Manual adjustment is providing in Gusseting Unit.

Perforation Unit: [Optional]

The perforation needles are mounted on the MS roll and it’s adjustable for setting of pressure of perforation. A brush roll mounted on the upper side of MS roll. We provide two guide rolls on both end of unit for accurate fabric angle to achieve better result.

Surface Winder: [Optional]

Sturdy structure fabricated from M.S. for vibration free process. Surface Winding Rolls (Hard Chrome Plated) - 3 Nos.
Winding Shaft - 1 Nos.
Drive (3.7 Kw / 5 hp torque motor) - 1 Nos.

Cutting Unit:

Excellent structural strength will help for vibration free working, which is due to heavy C.I. Plates that held by tie rods. Cutting unit consist of hot cutting blade and is connected mechanically to the printing machine.

Cutting Unit Consists Of:

  1. Nip Roller______________________________2 Nos.
  2. Fixed Blade____________________________1 Nos.
  3. Rotary Blade ___________________________1 Nos.
  4. Fly Wheel______________________________1 Nos.
  5. Conveyor Belt Assembly
  6. Change Gear Unit
  7. Drive Provide by main motor of Printing Machine

  8. Cutting Length from 508 mm to 1100 mm.
  9. Registration gearbox is providing for adjustment of cutting. (±30 mm)
  10. Fabric cut by sear cutting to get excellent sharpness in edge of fabric.
  11. This unit is used for both laminated and Un-laminated fabric. Only blade will be changed.
  12. The separate control panel of Cutting Unit is mounting near the unit.
  13. Provide Flywheel for absorbing the jerk of cutter at the time of cutting and give smooth working as well as saving in power consumption.
  14. Cutter for laminated HDPE/PP woven fabrics is optional.

  15. Main Drive & Control Panel:
  16. A.C. variable frequency drive is provide in order to reduce the maintenance and for excellent efficiency.
  17. The Drive control panels also include control for ink pump through MPCB, MPM and counter meter.
  18. Temp. Controller is provided for the cutter heater and interlock of the infrared heaters with motor speed in order to protect the fabric from burning at low speed.
  19. For cutting device we provide separate panel, which indicate temperature of blade & no. of cutting bags.
  20. Turret movement control is also included.
  21. On Off Push-Button provides for Blower & Heaters.
  22. Separate panel provides for Digital Centre Guiding System, Automatic Tension Control System and Corona Treater.


Wiring between our supplied panels and machine according to our standard foundation lay out is included in standard scope of supply.

5. Infra Red Lamp

Sar Industries is always in the forefront to innovate solutions to many a problem that HDPE/PP bag manufacturers / printers face. A major problem the printers have to overcome was high drying time for ink printed on bags. Un-dried bags when bundled would spoil the backside of the bags with inks impressions which cause of high ratio of rejection by the ultimate customer. With abundant order in hand and slow drying process they find difficulty in meeting their production target. We then came with an idea of installing Infra-Red Lamp of 1000W, 240Volts capacity to bring down the drying time from minutes to seconds. These Lamps fitted at the delivery end of the printer provide spot heat up to350’C and when it focuses on the moving bags they get dried swiftly. We have offered this to our valued customers who have appreciated our suggestion, which helped to improve their production as the drying time has been brought under control with just one unit of electricity an hour or so.

6. Mixing Machine

mm We are very pleased to introduce yet another innovation to woven sacks industry. It will certainly minimize your problems in mixing of raw materials perfectly.
The salient features of our mixing machine are:
1. Reduction of man power working
2. Reduction of mixing time
3. Reduction of mishandling
4. Improves quality of end product

7. Online Screen Changer

changer Advantage [Manual to Self Cleaning]:
  1. Absolutely eliminated leakage problem
  2. Absolutely eliminated ideal time
  3. Maximum utilization of tape plant
  4. Elimination of material wastage (Due to nonstop of line)
  5. Easy to Operate
  6. Use any type of CaCo3 and up to 20%
  7. In Self Cleaning Continuous Screen Changer, Screen will be changed after 15 days.

A. Reduction in Wastage (Stoppage):

If we are using 14% ~ 18% CaCo3 of first grade supplier the Normal Screen Changer requires min. one stoppage in a day. If we are using second grade CaCo3 that requires two stoppages. But if we are going for On Line Self Cleaning Screen Changer, we don’t need to stop plant. Hence, we saved min. 20 kg of wastage per stoppage.
Wastage per Month in normal screen changer           =   20 Kgs X 30 stoppages   = 600 Kgs
Wastage per Month in self-cleaning screen changer   =   20 Kgs X 2 Stoppage      = 40 Kgs
Total Saving per Month                                        =  560 Kgs per month

Reduction in Running Wastage:

In normal case, when we starts tape line wastages very nil but when time increases percentage of wastages goes high it shows that when mesh starts chocking it increases the wastage and reduces the production.
Wastage per Month in normal screen changer          = 40 Kgs X 30 days               = 1200 Kgs
Wastage per Month in self-cleaning screen changer  = 30 Kgs X 30 day                = 900 Kgs
Total Saving Per Month                                       = 300 Kgs per month

C.Quality and Efficiency Enhancement:

If we maintain speed of godets as well as main motor rpm remains same and we replace normal screen changer to on line self cleaning screen changer the quality of product comes very proper and equal.

D. Power Saving:

In each stoppage it takes minimum of 20 minutes to stop + 60 minutes to change mesh + 20 minutes to start = The total time is 100 minutes.
In whole of this time total system is ON means power loss is 60 minutes of working load = 150 Units [Power Saving Per Month =150 Units X 30 = 4500 Units]

E. Production Enhancement:

If we don’t stop the plant twice in day we will get minimum one-hour production more.
One hour production = 150 ~200 Kg.
Hence, the pay back period is only 2-3 months.

8. Six Station Cutters

station cutter Advantage [Single Station to Six Satiation Cutter]:
  1. Absolutely eliminated ideal time
  2. Maximum utilization of tape plant
  3. Easy to Operate
  4. In Six Station Cutter, Blades will be changed after 6 days.
A. Power Saving:
In each stoppage it takes minimum of
20 minutes to stop + 60 minutes to change blade + 20 minutes to start
= The total time is 100 minutes
In whole of this time total system is ON means power loss is
60 minutes of working load
= 150 Units
[Power Saving Per Month =150 Units X 30 = 4500 Units]

B. Production Enhancement:
If we don’t stop the plant twice in day we will get minimum one-hour production more.
One hour production = 150 ~200 Kg.
Hence, the payback period is only 2-3 months.
Six Station Cutter Consisting:
  1. Powder coated cutter assembly
  2. Cutter frame with cover & one roller
  3. One set of shaft
  4. Spacer duly assembled with super max blade
  5. Cutter Stand
Optional: One set of shaft and spacers w/o blades and assembly

9. Gear Box Cooling System

Gear You are aware that Gear Box is a very important part of the Tape Plant. Very often the excess heat generated by gears cause its expansion, consumption of excess power and more expenditure on cooling oil. We in SAR INDUSTRIES has innovated a solution to reduce the heat so generated by a method of using an external cooling system to Main Gear Box at a very reasonable cost.
This will ensure increased life to your Gear Box and also Gear Oil. The Gear Box Oil which reaches above 70’C due to continuous running of the plant has to be brought down to a minimum to safeguard the gear as well as gear oil. In a Cooling System that we offer, the oil in the gear box with high temperature is taken out to heat exchanger tank having lines of water circulation pipe from a chilling plant.
The motor-pump combination attached on the oil circulating system pushes the oil via heat exchanger to gear box. The process ensures the gear oil to maintain a temperature between 45’C – 55’C which is safe for the gear system.


  1. Pacifluid Brand Rotary Gear Pump
  2. 1 HP Motor, Make : “ Crompton”
  3. Heat Exchanger with sufficient layers of pipes to circulate chilled water within the heat exchanger
  4. Pipes with necessary fittings for Oil & Water to & fro connecting heat exchanger

10. Online Pipe Cleaning Machine
Pipe Cleaner
1-Machine : Online Pipe Cleaning machine
2- Machine Capacity : 35 Pipes /min.
3- Cutting Mode : Heat Cutting Blade
4-Connected Load  : 4.0 kw Heating and 0.75 kw motor load
5-Structure : Robust Structure made with angle  & palte
6-Speed Adjustment : with AC Drive
7-Maximum Dia in Tape : 45 mmwith Tape
8-Dimension : 2050 mm x 1650 mm x 470 mm
9-Gross Weight  : 350 kgs
10-Input Supply : Single Phase, 240 Volts

11. Online Stitching Machine

stitching machine
Machine : Online Stitching machine Model BSG/ACS/03
Machine Capacity : 1500 Bags / Hour.
Stitching Mode : Suitable With Indian/ Imported Machine
Connected Load  : 2 HP Geared Motor and Stitching Motor
Structure : Robust Structure made with angle Channel & Sheet
Speed Adjustment : with AC Drive and HMI Panel
Man power : 1 Semi Skilled
Dimension : 4300 mm x 1600 mm x 1000 mm
Gross Weight  : 1500 kgs

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